Confessions of a UI/UX Designer

My top 10 confessions as a designer

Here my top confessions as a UI/UX designer. This is a hilarious list of all the frustrating things which keeps happening now and then in my daily routine as a designer. Read and laugh!

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Keeping Your UX Design Clean

An Honest approach to UX design

It takes a lot of efforts when you want your users to keep using your app. And there is a lot of incentive too. But does that mean you should deceive or trap your users? Let’s discuss more on that.

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Designing My Portfolio Website

How I conceptualized and design my website

I wanted my website to communicate the way I would communicate when I am talking to a prospect client. The design had to have a personality to it.

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Importance of a UX Culture

The user centric UX approach

Now that a lot of big organizations and almost all of the startups have realized the importance of UX in their startup, it’s important to understand how a company can bring a pleasurable UX to its culture.

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