Hello! I am Chandan
And I am a Product Designer. Currently leading design at Coditas.
I craft design experiences to help companies wow their customers.

My Design Process!

And some quick UI screens
I have, So Far,

Designed over 200 mobile & web apps,
with millions of visits and downloads!

(Exploring wearable and experience design for VR now a days...!)

UX design portfolio image.
I love to, Design

And work on awesome mobile and web apps.
From social to enterprise. I’ve got your back!

(With a great design, comes a great responsibility...!)

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WalkIntos UX design image

WalkInto (Web)

Web App UX & UI

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Mobile app UI design image

Pandora (Mobile)

Android & iOS UX & UI

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Web app UI design image

ConnectAndSell (Web)

Website UI

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Travel app UI design image

Traveler (Mobile+Watch)

Android and iOS App UX & UI

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Web app design image

Sencha (Web)

Web App & Website UX & UI

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Mobile app UX and UI Design image

My Timbre (Mobile)

Android, iOS and Web App UX & UI

Some Fun Facts,

And some secrets very few people know about.
Read on if you are interested to know more about me!

(Secretly hoping that you’ll actually read...!)

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    Free Verse Poet!

    A big fan of free verse poetry and I post regularly on my blog PoeticAmend. Go. Check it out!

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    Self Taught!

    Taught myself everything about UX and UI design and have helped over 150 companies worldwide!

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    Started SudoSaints, a mobile design and dev shop which got acquired by Coditas!

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    Indian or Chinese. American or Italian. Thai aur Australian. Food is life. Food is love!

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    BMW for life!

    Elegant design and a powerful brand! My favourite is BMW Z4 Roadster. Very Soon!

Come on! Say Hi,

I would love to get in touch with you and
help you out with your UX or UI design requirements!

(I value your time. I'll get back to you immediately!)