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A little bit more about me

I am a Director of UX Design at Coditas Technologies, a fantastic 450+ people product design and development shop and co-author of design-languages.com, a curated library of the best design systems out there!

In the past, I co-founded SudoSaints.com, a mobile app design and development agency, along with the best coder I know, Varun Srinivas, which got acquired by Coditas Technologies, in 2015.

I share my design observations, process, and experiences over Medium, design explorations and sneak peeks over Dribbble, and detailed case studies over Behance.

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Notion Notes

A bunch of useful things I have written for other designers

Design manager's workbook. Understanding what, why and how


Cracking your first design interview as a product designer


UI design complete delivery checklist

coming soon

Web design boilerplate - clearing the fundamentals

coming soon

Responsive design boiler plate - clearing the fundamentals

coming soon

Design Work

Not up-to-date, but good enough to give you an idea

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